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In-Home Private Training

If you're looking to achieve lasting results, you're in need of
in-home training!

We offer professional puppy training, dog obedience training and dog behavior modification using positive based, balanced training methods. Our training programs are designed to give dog owners the opportunity to learn how to communicate with their dogs. Learning how to train  your dog builds a strong, lasting bind with your favorite companion.We aim to work with dogs at their current threshold, reward desired behaviors, correct unacceptable behaviors, and find out the optimal way to guide and support your dog into learning a healthier, more confident understanding of its environment, and your desires.

Robert the Trainer 2

Meet Our Trainer

Robert the Trainer

Robert Mathieson

Trainer & Team Member

Robert Mathieson began his training journey in 2014 when he adopted his first dog, Steele. After just a few months of research, Robert and Steele began  receiving  recognition and compliments in public. Robert gained an appreciation for the process that lead him to consider dog training as a career path.

Robert began volunteering at Tenille & Louis' Canine Companions (now Canine Adventures)  in late 2014, working with their rescue litters. In October of 2015 he completed a hands-on course with Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth and received his dog training certification.

He continued to hone his skills, expand his knowledge and develop his style and methods all around Metro Detroit. Robert has worked with over 100 families to help achieve cohesive relationships between owners and their best friends. He specializes in reactivity, behavior modification, basic and advance obedience and good walking manners.

Training Pricing & Details

Our private, in-home, one-on-one personalized training programs are designed to teach owners, and other members of the household, how to train and work with their dog. Our professional trainer, Robert, will come to your home and work with you and your dog once per week for an hour. Each program includes a consultation to access your dogs behavior, discuss your goals, answer questions and determine the best training plan for you and your dog. Please keep in mind, during private lessons, you are required to do your “homework” throughout the week to make sure that you get the results that you are looking for. Don't fear, Robert will be with you every step of the way!

Early Puppy


This is a 6 week program for puppies 8  to 20 weeks old. This program is a starting point designed to help build a strong foundation for you and your dog. Robert will cover the basics and help you gain confidence in caring for your new puppy. Working with your puppy in these early stages helps set them up for success to becoming a  well mannered companion.
This program covers:

  • Potty Training

  • Crate Training

  • No Jumping or Biting

  • Sit, Down + Short Stay Commands

  • Doorway Manner

  • Leash Manners

  • Food Manners

  • Recall

  • Proper Socialization


Growing Puppy


This is a 6 week program for puppies 5 to 10 months old. This program is designed to help owners make great use of the foundation set in the Early Puppy Program and to help their puppy through their critical adolescent period of development.  It is offered at a discounted rate for dogs who graduation from the Early Puppy Program.

This Program covers:

  • Builds on and reinforces behaviors in Early Pup Package

  • Introduces Place Command

  • Heeling

  • Prolonged Down

  • Sit + Stay, adding in Distance

  • Duration

  • Distractions

  • Structured Tug Gameplay

Single Issue

Behavior Modification


This program allows you to work on one minor behavior issue or introduce one new behavior  over the course of four lessons. During the initial consultation, you will go over the behaviors you'd like to improve or introduce. Robert will then propose the most effective way to structure the four week program.


Behavior Modification


This 8 week program is customized to the needs of your dog and designed to correct undesirable behaviors. Our Behavior Modification Program can address multiple minor behavior issues or just one major. Robert can deal with issues such as: nuisance barking, resource guarding, leash reactivity, begging, chasing vehicles,  dominance aggression, phobias, fear aggression, housebreaking, and separation anxiety.

Basic Home Obedience


This is a 6 week program that aims to achieve basic manners. At the consultation, Robert will address your basic manners training goals and craft a customized dog training plan. Our Basic Home Obedience deal with issues such as jumping, door manners, walking nicely, recall in home and yard, crate training and more! Please keep in mind this option is not for dogs with significant behavior issues. 

Advance Obedience


Our Advance Obedience program comes with two course length options: an hour per week for 12 weeks or two hours per week for 6 weeks.  Course options are based on clients schedule and flexibility. During  Advance Obedience Program Robert will work with you and your dog in public places where you may commonly take them such as parks, downtown, hardware stores, and around other dogs to ensure that they will perform appropriately. Robert can also train more advanced behaviors like dynamic heeling and  “Place” on various things.

What is
Positive Based
Balanced Training?

Dogs are unique and have different ways of learning, as well as different motivations to work and learn. It is important for a dog trainer to approach each training client with an open mind to help them figure out the best training regimen for each canine family.


Balanced dog training teaches a dog desired behaviors using both reward-based techniques and physical correction such as a tug on the leash. The intent of the correction is not to punish the dog, but rather to change the dog’s behavior. A Positive Based, Balanced trainer primarily uses positive reinforcement to shape and promote good behaviors, while utilizing necessary corrections to help dogs establish a clear understanding of what is, and is not, desired behavior.

good dog

When used correctly, Balanced Training is incredibly

effective method for communicating and creating a strong bond with your companion. There is nothing like having a well behaved dog that you can take anywhere with you and know it will be an enjoyable, ‘stress-free’ experience.

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