Dog Walking 

Here at Bloomfield Pet Care, we know how hard it can be to find the time to walk your dog with so many other responsibilities on your daily list. You'll look forward to coming home from a long day with a calm and happy dog. A team member will come to your home and take your dogs for a walk around your neighborhood. After the walk, the team member will freshen their water, reward them with treats of your approval and shower them with affection. You will also receive a detailed report of each walk before the team member leaves. 


All walk prices are based on the service. We do not charge extra for multiple dogs in the same household, but if multiple dogs are being walked, they must walk well together. Multiple dogs in the same house can also split the walk time if walking one-on-one is the best option.  


Quick Potty Break 

Puppies & Low Energy Dogs 






Potty Break Includes

10-15 minute let-out 

Lunch, if needed

Water Refill 

Treats of your approval 

This option is only available Monday through Friday between 10 am and 3 pm.  



Dogs & Puppies 



Walk Includes

20-30 minutes with a walker

Up to a 1-mile walk

Water Refill 

Treats of your approval 

20190428_180541 (1).jpg





Walk Includes 

35-45 minutes with a walker 

1 to 2-mile walk 

Water Refill 

Treats of your approval 

Playtime/Yard time option 



High Energy Dogs 




Walk Includes

50-60 minutes with a walker 

2 to 3-mile walk 

Extra attention time

Water Refill 

Treats of your approval 

Playtime/Yard time option

Happy & Healthy

Dog Walk Benefits 

Dogs love to explore their surroundings, check out sights and sniff in their neighborhoods. Not only will a daily walk (or two)  fill your dog with happiness, it also benefits their health. Benefits include improved cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, stronger muscles and bones and decreased stress. 



We require that all dogs be walked using the appropriate leash and collar/harness for their size and temperament. Certain types of walking equipment may not provide sufficient control for those who lunge or pull. These issues can lead to injury to the pup and to the walker. Clients must provide a secure harness or collar and durable leash no longer than 6 feet. All pets must have proper identification tags. In the event Team Member determines a dog ’s walking equipment is not sufficient to maintain the dog’s safety or the safety of the Team Member, the Team Member may use a personal collar/leash/harness. BPC does not use retractable leashes for dog walks.