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Dog Walking Policy and Product Recommendations

In order to assure the safety of the dogs in our care, Bloomfield Pet Care is implementing a new policy regarding equipment requirements for increased safety during walks. Starting April 9, 2018, this policy is being added to our service agreement. While we have not personally experienced any dangerous incidents, we have been reflecting on the experiences of other dog walkers and want to make sure every dog is walked safely using properly fitted and appropriate walking gear.

We require that all dogs be walked using the appropriate leash and collar/harness system for their size and temperament. Certain types of walking equipment may not provide sufficient control for those who lunge or pull, or may not be secure enough, leaving room for a wiggly pup to slip out. These issues can lead to injury to the pup and to the walker. In the event Team Member determines a dog’s collar/leash/harness is not sufficient to maintain the dog’s safety or the safety of the Team Member, the Team Member may use a personal collar/leash/harness. BPC does not use retractable leashes for dog walks. Clients must provide a secure harness or collar. All pets must have proper identification tags.


All dogs must have a collar with identification. This can be a flat collar or martingale collar. Some collars can be personalized with contact phone number, but typically tags are used. If your local government requires a dog license tag, that should also be attached to the collar. We are happy to put collar on before the walk and take it off afterwards if you do not want it worn all day. Sizing: Use the “two finger” rule. Once the dog's collar is fastened, you should be able to easily slide two fingers under the collar. When you slide the width of your two fingers between the collar and neck, the collar should feel snug, but not tight.


Freedom No-Pull Harness

Most dogs walk best using a harness or a martingale style collar. All harnesses and collars should be snug. One harness that we recommend above all others is the Freedom No-Pull Harness as pictured above. It can be adjusted tightly and has both a clasp on the front and back of the dog. If your dog is a very strong puller, there is also a leash that can attach to both clasps. We love this harness and we discovered it after a Veterinary Behaviorist from Oakland Veterinary Referral Services recommended it for one of our dogs. We are also featuring a few other harnesses that work well for walking. Some flat collars can be adjusted tight enough for regular walking, but we still prefer a harness or martingale for walks. We will not walk a dog with a collar or harness that is loose, ill-fitted or frayed.


A basic, durable leash is perfect for almost all dogs. There are leashes with padded handles, double handles, leashes for multiple dogs, leather leashes and even hands-free leashes. Some of our walkers prefer to use their own leashes, so please pick a leash that is most comfortable for you. Local ordinances require the use of a leash that is 6 feet or less. We can't use retractable leashes if we will be leaving your property. If you notice that your leash is starting to fray or rip, please replace.

Not sure what system is best for your dog?

We would love to help set up your pup with the perfect walking gear! Meghan will work with your primary walkers to determine the best combination. We have a great deal of experience with various collars, harnesses and leashes and want to make walking an enjoyable and safe activity for everybody. Your Bloomfield Pet Care Dog Walker will also make sure your current equipment fits correctly and will let you know if there are any concerns about potential safety issues with your current gear.

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